Cv Boudewijn Payens 1951 Nijmegen Netherlands.
Art education:1969 / 1976, academy of fine arts, 's Hertogenbosch NL.
1986-96-97 studied ceramics, EKWC 's Hertogenbosch NL

Art Projects:

2007 2017 Diagnostics and visual resources, lecturer at the Hogeschool Utrecht.
2012 Memorial stone, De Baak Driebergen.
2012 2013 Working with the Lemniscaat, diagnostic method, i.c.w. Janka van Leeuwen.
2011 2012 Imperishable water, and the question of development. Research, reading, performance. Catalogue. Rhodes Greece.
2008 2011 Personal effectiveness, program Nature and visual resources. Koster consultants.
2010 Hemelspijker,theatre production, i.c.w. Louis Blonk and Ubit Uskander. Supported by the city of Zoetermeer NL.
2010 2011 Photographic and video report, nano-technique, TU Delft the Netherlands.
2010 Sediment Installation at the Landesgartenschau Bad Essen GE.
2007-1983/1991: Sculpture, Several Climbing walls, supported by Fund for the Arts, Amsterdam, Dordrecht NL, La Roche BE.
2005 Installation: panorama Harenkarspel NL.
2003 2004: Duet Theatre production I.c.w. Louis Blonk. Supported by the city of Zoetermeer NL.
1999/2006: Ceramic floor, private house Malden NL and Mont B
1997 1998: "the imagination of acting", ceramic works and photographs, Library University of Amsterdam. Supported by the city of Amsterdam.
1996 1997 1998: "Me We!" , management trainingsprogram commissioned by Bout and Partners Amsterdam, de Baak Noordwijk
1995 1999: The future, personal development program i.c.w.: Guus Brackel and Johan Cornelissen. Fortis bank Utrecht
1996: "The future" sculptural design, i.c.w. Johan Cornelissen.
1991 1992 1993: art consultant for Emma foundation Amsterdam.
1984 1986 Da Vinci project.supported by the City of Dordrecht NL. download pdf by Wim Korvinus.
1973: design for a fish tank, commissioned by Herman Reuser, architect GAK building Nijmegen NL.

Exhibitions, installations and performances:
2019 Arti, de kunstenaar uitgelicht
2017/2018 Exhibition at the Vrijburg community Amsterdam. Etchings and paintings.
2016 19-9 Oorsprong curator series icw Chandana Sarma, Jola Meijer, Ilaria Forciniti and Yankı Bıçakçı.
Performance Plantagedok Amsterdam Info.
Performance Plantagedok Amsterdam,Gif Image.
2015 11-10 / 01-11 Arti Amsterdam Performance and installation.
2011 12.5 / 30/6 "We are all in the same Boat" gall. Sienko. London
2010 5 years Queeste group exh. Arnhem
2010 Installation Sediment. Ippenburg DE
2009 9.5. / 28.6 Die Zukunft unserer Küsten - Das Wattenmeer contribution.
2009 27.3 / 25.4 Knijpkatclub groupex org. by Mike Ottink en Diederick van Kleef. Amsterdam
2009 25.2 / 5.5 retrospective of paintings, exhibition Badhoevedorp.
2008 Installation, Sediment. Queeste Arnhem.
2007 2008 Exhibition "Echo", incl. installation "Mind-Map", galerie Wegert-Sedacco, Winkel NL
2006 Exhibition Works, kasteel Heerlijckyt van Elsmeren.
2005 Installation at Harenkarspel,360 graden foto, Harenkarspel,Tuitjenhorn, Warmenhuizen,en info kasteel Nuwendoorn
2004: Symposium/Messe Wusting/Oldenburg: Collaboration between artist and farmers.Oldenburg GE
2004: InterAzioni XVII, performance, Transmission,Esperanto, Cagliari, Italy.
2003 2004: Duet theatre production. [see projects]
2003: Inner Landscape performance Wusting GE.
2002: "Eclectic" group exhibition ABC treehouse, Amsterdam.
2002: "La petite Princess" group exhibition Glazen huis Amsterdam.
2002: "Europe","above the table", and "dreaming", the water between us visual internet correspondence with Steve Bradley.
2002: "(niet) van hout" group exhibition SBK Haarlem NL.
2002: "Micro macro" performance, Oldenburg Germany.
2001: "Made in India group exhibition, Synagogue Glerum, Amsterdam and Galerie Windkracht 13 Den Helder NL.
2001: The place I take, Performance, Oldenburg Germany.
2000: Cover up Performance: InterAzioni XIII Cagliari Italy.
2000: Arranging and pointing cooperation projects, at Capa / Chatham College in Pittsburgh / UMBC, Baltimore USA.
1999: Holon Installation and performance: Assimini Italy.
1998: Reflexion Chernobyl group exhibition, Kiel, Bremen and Nijmegen. Catalogue.
1997: Inside out installation, group exhibition, The Garden of Delight Vlaardingen NL.
1997: Solo exhibition and performance, document, library Amsterdam. Catalogue.
1996 1997: European ceramic working space, the imagination of the act, 's-Hertogenbosch NL. Catalogue.
1995: Interaction Performance, InterAzioni VIII Cagliari Italy.
1995: Reflexion Chernobyl visit to the contaminated area of Chernobyl, Belarus Russia. Catalogue.
1993: Earth sign earth Traveling exhibition, IGKB Bonn, Germany. Catalogue.
1993: The music in my mind Performance, InterAzioni VI Cagliari Italy.
1992: More Moor Land-art project, Wittemoor, Hude Germany. Exhibition in Stadt museum Oldenburg Germany. Catalogue.
1989: installatie "Inscription" Via Lattea Arnhem NL.
1988: Coagulated action, solo exhibition, bureau for art projects. Amsterdam.
1988: Drawings in clay, Ceramic working space, Heusden NL.
1987: Performance and installation, cooperation with musicians, multi media happening at Prima Kunst Kiel, Germany.
1986: Land-art project, various actions and installation, Sylt Germany. Catalogue.
1985: Blue Wall solo exhibition; Kromboomssloot 55, Amsterdam. registration by Erwin Olaf
1984: "Time passing" Project contribution with D.v. Kleef. Makkom Amsterdam. Catalogue.
1984: Paintings Solo exhibition, Annex gallery, Amsterdam.
1984: Performance and installation, Makkom Amsterdam.
1983: Radius of action Performance and installation, Plan K, Brussels Belgium.
1983: Paintings, solo exhibition, Annex Gallery, Amsterdam.
1983: Installation, Lokaal 01, Breda NL.
1983: Performance, drawing with chalk, Dordrecht NL.
1983: Self-portrait in Dutch photography, research of the university Nijmegen. Museum Nijmegen NL. Catalogue.
1983: Tekenen Installation, De Zaak Groningen NL.
1982: Mixed media installation, solo exhibition, De Gele Rijder Arnhem NL. Catalogue.
1982: Performance and installation, werkstatt Odem. Hannover, Germany.
1982: Taal ruimte taal Performance lokaal 01 Breda NL.
1982: Tools and expectations, Installation, Pracownia Dziekanka, Warschau and Accumulator gallery, Poznan PL. Catalogue.
1982: Borders Performance and installation, Cool gate gallery, Brussels Belgium.
1981: Zelfbeeld Theme exhibition Nederlandse kunststichting, Amsterdam. Catalogue.
1981: Solo exhibition, environmental work with drawings, De Beeldruimte 's Hertogenbosch NL.
1980: Outline interaction, Morgen festival, Arnhem NL. Catalogue.
1980: Solo Exhibition, gallery 360grad, self-portraits Wuppertal Germany.
1979: Atelier performance Nijmegen, "infinity"
1979: Photo assemblages Solo exhibition O42 Nijmegen NL.
1979: 8 Photo assemblages. Galerie Marzee Nijmegen NL.
1978: Photo assemblages and etchings. Solo exhibition Besiendershuys, Nijmegen NL.
1978: Self portrait, screen-print, graphic art biennale, Krakau PL.

2011 Kunstlevens, hedendaagse Nederlandse beeldende kunstenaars en schrijvers over hun levensbeschouwing.
Proefschrift Rhea Hummel. Research participation. isbn:978 90 79578 283
2011 Dwerglandschap, Nanotechnologie van fiction naar science. TU Delft Sonja Knols Jacobs.isbn:978 90 7346 175 8 Process registration
2006: "Someday is not a day of the week", images in special edition, Evolution Logique, Houffalize Belgie.
2005: "Positionen 11" Natura 2000-Gebiete, projekt vorschlag, heft ARSU.
2005: "the ceramic process" by Anton Reijnders, project and photo contribution page 40, EKWC.
2004: ik wilde schrijven over de zee, bijzondere uitgave, i.s.m. Maya Rasker.
2003 2005: several writer portraits.
2002: Video film for symposium "art and agriculture", Ganderkesee Germany.
2002: Book illustrations: "O,o,wees niet malicieus", J.E. Romeijn.
1998: "de verbeelding van de handeling",BK in de UB, uitgave Universiteitsbibliotheek, isbn 9061250544.
1990: "Een tekening van 60.000 kilo", project description, in cooperation with Jaap van Triest.
1989: "Herz", Servie Janssen, Photo contribution, page 139,141,143,151.
1987: "Varieties", theme edition Makkom, page 54-55.
1987: de Architect project description by Cees de Boer, page 30 31.
1986: New Art In Europe, magazine, photography in cooperation with Erwin Olaf.
1984: Theme: 1984, contribution at page 131-278. Edition by Willem van Lieshout Nijmegen NL.
1984: Interviews and essays, edition by University of Amsterdam, department of art history, by Tom Kluen en Marga van Mechelen.
1984: Makkom number 15 and pars Interpars magazine, by Gert Wijlage.
1982: "The action of drawing" Art-Zien number 26, magazine.
1981: "17 bladen", special edition De Zaak Groningen.
1981: Info magazine Gele Rijder, by Albert v.d. Weide.
1979: De Schans, literary magazine, by Koos van Tol.
1979: Gelderland NU, magazine, by Leen van Weelden.
1978 1980 Board of GBK Nijmegen.
1978 1979 1980: GBK magazine, covers, art contribution.